NB releases more details about its back-to-school plan


New Brunswick released further details about its back-to-class plan on Tuesday.

Classroom groupings, or classroom bubbles, will be implemented for students in Kindergarten to Grade-8 in an effort to ensure their health and safety and facilitate contact tracing if required.

Group sizes will depend on the grade level.

Students will be able to interact with peers and educators within their bubbles without physical distancing, meaning they'll be able to play, do crafts, and group work throughout the day.

Students will be required to maintain physical distancing from other student bubbles.

Shared equipment, such as physical education equipment or computers will need to be cleaned after each use.

Students will be required to bring two clean, community face masks to school each day unless they have been advised not to wear one by a medical professional.

Masks won't be required within classroom groups, but will be encouraged in common areas like hallways.

The province says students in Grades 6 though 8 aren't required to wear a mask within their class bubbles but will be required to wear on in common areas, including on school buses, unless seated with a  member of their household.

Meanwhile, the province says students of all ages will be permitted to sing and use instruments this school year.

Though singing and wind instruments are permitted, additional health and safety measures are required including physical distancing and increased cleaning and disinfection.

It's recommended such activities take place outdoors whenever possible.

The province says schools and districts will make individual school operational plans available to parents on Sept. 3.