New Brunswick launches poverty reduction plan

New Brunswick

The Government of New Brunswick has launched its poverty reduction plan: Overcoming Poverty Together 3: The New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Plan.

A release says the new plan builds on the progress made over the past decade.

The province says there has been a 44% decrease in the number of people living in poverty in New Brunswick in the period spanning 2009 through to 2018.

The new poverty reduction plan includes nine priority actions divided into three pillars.

The Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation says these pillars are as follows:

  • Income Security: 
    • includes actions addressing improvements to social assistance, changes to the Employment Standards Act and an increase of the capacity and sustainability of social enterprises.
  • Co-ordination of Programs and Services: 
    • includes actions towards a review of government programs, services and tax policies targeted to low-income individuals, and the implementation of a One-Stop-Shop service to help New Brunswickers access information and navigate government and community programs and services.
  • Inclusion and Healthy Communities: 
    • includes actions bringing improvement to mental and addictions services, the development of regional transportation plans, work with partners to provide inclusive opportunities for recreation activities for New Brunswickers on a low income, and the development of food programs in all schools.

The objective of the plan is to reduce income poverty by at least half by 2030.

The province says the plan will take immediate effect.