New Brunswick mammogram reports will now include breast density information


The government of New Brunswick says information on breast density will now be included in all mammography reports and letters sent to women following screening.
Health Minister Dorothy Shephard says the measure will allow women to better monitor their breast health.
She says breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among New Brunswick women, and those with high breast density are at higher risk.
Kathy Kaufield, a cancer survivor who led a breast density notification campaign, says in a news release that the information will allow higher-risk women to be more vigilant with self-exams and take steps with their doctors to reduce their risk of cancer.
The province is gradually resuming screening mammography services across the province after an interruption due to COVID-19.
The New Brunswick Breast Cancer Screening Program encourages women between 50 and 74 to be screened every two years at one of 14 screening sites across the province.