No charges for RCMP officer in domestic dispute: SIRT

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An RCMP officer has been cleared of any potential charges related to a domestic dispute in October.

The Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) says the officer and the complainant went to a friend's home on the evening of October 9th where food and alcohol were consumed by all.

The officer returned home before the complainant who stayed at the friend's and drank more before being brought home sometime after midnight.

SiRT says an argument between the officer and complainant began, and the officer pushed the complainant out the door after telling them repeatedly to leave the residence.

The complainant called 911 alleging the officer had pushed them to the ground where they hit their head and lost consciousness, when in fact a fight broke out between the friend and complainant after the friend was called back to the home to help remove them.

SiRT determined the officer pushed the complainant once, but would not be charged as the complainant's injuries came from the fight with the friend.