Non-profit group launches website to help identify fake news

fake news

A Toronto-based non-profit is trying to fight misinformation and fake news ahead of the fall federal election, using online quizzes and messages from Canadian media personalities.

The Canadian Journalism Foundation is launching a campaign called ``Doubt It?'' today, with the aim of making Canadians more skeptical of the news they read online.

The group's president says the program was prompted by the discovery of some unsettling statistics about misinformation in Canada.

Natalie Turvey says a recent survey found almost all Canadians have come across fake news at some point, yet only a third regularly verify if the stories they're consuming are legitimate.

The CJF is launching a website that will have tips on how to check for fake news, such as googling the topic to see if other credible sources are writing about it.

The site will also feature videos from Canadian media personalities such as retired CBC host Peter Mansbridge.