Nova Scotia premier again rejects calls for provincial inquiry into mass killing


The Nova Scotia government is again rejecting calls for a provincial public inquiry into the shooting rampage last month that took 22 lives.
Premier Stephen McNeil responded Thursday to a letter from 33 Dalhousie University law faculty members that was published last Friday.
The faculty members from the Schulich School of Law say a critical review is needed of the decisions made by the RCMP during the 13-hour rampage across northern and central Nova Scotia on April 18 and April 19.
They also want the inquiry to consider broader social and legal issues that may have been contributing factors, including domestic violence.
However, the premier and Justice Minister Mark Furey insisted Thursday that the federal government would be better placed to conduct an inquiry, even though it would be within the province's jurisdiction to conduct its own.
McNeil says a federal inquiry makes more sense because it would focus on the role of federal agencies, including the RCMP, the Canada Border Services Agency and the federal firearms registry.