Oland's body attracted attention: police officer

Dennis Oland 2

A Saint John police officer says the battered body of multi-millionaire Richard Oland attracted unwanted attention from other officers who visited the scene just to get a look.

Sgt. Mark Smith told Dennis Oland's murder trial today he found two unauthorized officers near the body on the day it was discovered, July 7th, 2011, and sternly ordered them out.

Smith was the officer in charge of collecting forensic evidence at the grisly murder scene.

The 69-year-old businessman and former Moosehead Breweries Ltd. executive had been beaten to death the day before.

Photos show Oland lying by his desk, his skull shattered by repeated blows from a weapon that was never found, with a large pool of blood radiating around the upper half of the body.

Among the officers who drew Smith's ire were Inspector Glen McCloskey, later the deputy chief of the Saint John police and now retired.

It was McCloskey's second visit to the scene and he admitted during Dennis Oland's first trial that he was there on the second occasion simply out of ``curiosity.''

Dennis Oland was found guilty of second-degree murder in 2015, but his conviction was overturned on appeal.