Oxfam Canada: Federal recovery plan needs to consider pandemic's effect on women


Oxfam Canada says the federal government's COVID-19 recovery plan needs to take into account how the pandemic has a disproportionate economic effect on women, who have seen their employment numbers fall faster than men's and their work return more slowly.
Oxfam's Diana Sarosi says a feminist recovery means looking at industries reliant on women's labour, like long-term care, that aren't valued, and suffer from a lack of investment.
She says feminist groups have voiced frustration at having been unable to engage with the government since the pandemic hit.
Meantime, a group of tech companies is calling on the federal government to address shortfalls in the knowledge-based economy in its COVID-19 recovery plan, rather than apply traditional recovery tools like massive construction spending.
The Council of Canadian Innovators says helping start-ups grow could in turn cover costs for expanded social programs.