Patrick Watson says Indigenous acknowledgment 'censored' from Canada Day show


Singer-songwriter Patrick Watson says Heritage Canada edited out a land acknowledgment he made to Indigenous peoples before his Canada Day performance.

The Montreal musician posted on Facebook Thursday that he was "deeply upset'' to discover his statement did not make it into the hour-long broadcast, which was pre-recorded and filmed in Montreal's Olympic Stadium.
The virtual show was funded by the federal government as a replacement for the annual festivities held in Montreal to celebrate the national holiday. The Montreal-based agency Tandem Communication put the show together.
Watson said he made the acknowledgment during his performance, but it was not included in the program broadcast to Canadians.
A version of the performance available online does not contain Watson's homage to First Nations peoples.
A land acknowledgment is a statement that recognizes Indigenous peoples occupied the territory that became Canada following colonization.

(With files from Giuseppe Valiante of the Canadian Press)