People's Alliance could 'bring down government' over language recommendations

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The People's Alliance Party says it will bring down the government if recommendations introduced by the Acting Official Languages Commissioner this morning are implemented.

In a release, the party says attempts to create equality of language in New Brunswick have caused nothing by division.

Party Leader Kris Austin says fewer than 100 complaints in the 2018-19 fiscal year makes it very clear that the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages in New Brunswick is redundant and counter-productive to unifying the province.

He added the huge expense to the taxpayer for the office and staff, compared to the number of complaints, cannot be justified.

The release says New Brunswick is struggling to cope with the financial burden that's been placed on everyday citizens by trying to accommodate two healthcare and education systems.

The party says it is time to stop the fiscal hemorrhaging, adding idealism has failed over the past 50 years and it is time to apply some common sense.

"If this government chooses to implement the recommendations of this report, then we will be more than willing to take this government down and allow people of New Brunswick to decide," said Austin.