Quebec parents seek class action against makers of 'addictive' Fortnite game

Marteau tribunal

A Quebec law firm is seeking authorization to launch a class action lawsuit against the makers of the Fortnite video game, alleging it is highly addictive and can cause health problems.

Montreal-based Calex Legal is seeking to sue Epic Games Inc., the U.S. company behind the popular online video game, as well as its Canadian affiliate based in British Columbia.

The filing is on behalf of two plaintiffs, parents of Quebec children who are 10 and 15.

The children are described as highly dependent on the Fortnite video game and the parents say, had they known, they would have prevented them from downloading the game or monitored their activities more closely.

The filing adds there are real physical, mental and social consequences for those who are addicted to the game.

The request for authorization, filed Thursday with Quebec Superior Court, has not been approved by the court, and a spokesperson for Epic Games was not immediately available for comment.