Quebec woman accused of mailing poison to Trump to remain in jail until trial

Pascale Ferrier is seen in this court sketch. (RALPH SIRIANNI)

A Quebec woman accused of sending a poisoned letter to United States President Donald Trump will be held in a Washington, D.C.-area jail until her trial.
Pascale Ferrier, who appeared in a Washington, D.C., district court by teleconference Wednesday, faces a single charge of threatening the president.
Federal Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather sided with prosecutors and ruled that Ferrier would pose a danger to the community if she were released. Meriweather said she's worried Ferrier ``could take further actions'' to carry out the threats she is alleged to have made.
``The threats to the current president of the United States are very serious,'' the judge said.
U.S. authorities claim Ferrier mailed letters containing the poison ricin to the White House as well as to law enforcement and corrections officials in Texas, where she was detained for two months in the spring of 2019.
The letters contain the threat that if the poison didn't work, the writer would ``find a better recipe for another poison'' or ``use my gun.''