Recommendations to improve safety at construction sites

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Following a coroner's inquest in Saint John, recommendations have been made to improve the safety of people working at height at construction sites.

An inquest into the death of Christopher Adam Carleton was held November 26 and 27 after he was killed in a fall from a three-meter stepladder at a construction site in February.

The five-person jury made the following recommendations:
- If a trade requires working from a lift and/or ladder, there be a mandatory requirement to have a different style of helmet than a hard hat, such as a "climbers" style helmet, that is snug and fitted with a chin strap and would stay on the head
- Where practical, people required to work at heights should be required to use the most stable form of elevating equipment

The province says the Office of the Chief Coroner will forward these recommendations to the appropriate government departments and agencies for consideration and response.

The responses will be included in the chief coroner's annual report for 2018.