Report: Climate change threatens extinction for most birds, especially in Canada

Migratory birds (Flickr)

An extensive report from the Audubon Society says climate change threatens extinction for two-thirds of bird species across North America, and Canada would be especially hard hit.

The report says all 16 species in Canada's Arctic and nearly all of those that live in the boreal forest are at least moderately threatened.

The study crunches 140 million records from 70 data sources on 604 different species.

It concludes that if governments don't step up their climate change action, 389 species on the continent stand a good chance of disappearing by the end of the century.

But the report also says that tougher greenhouse gas regulations and better conservation measures could dial those numbers way back.

Recent studies have found that bird numbers in North America have already fallen by almost one-third, or about three billion birds.