Testimony complete at murder trial for 2018 Fredericton shootings


Testimony has ended at the Fredericton trial of a man charged with first degree murder in the 2018 shooting deaths of four people.

Dr. Julian Gojer, an Ontario psychiatrist, concluded his testimony today, saying the defendant was delusional and not criminally responsible when he shot a man and a woman in the parking lot of a Fredericton apartment building and two of the city police officers who responded.

The mass shooting in August 2018 took the lives of Donnie Robichaud, Bobbie Lee Wright and police constables Robb Costello and Sara Burns.

The defence admits their 50-year-old client killed the victims but is arguing he should be found not criminally responsible because a mental disorder.

Three psychiatrists testified during the eight-week jury trial that the defendant had a serious mental illness that caused delusions.

Evidence from his computer showed he had been following conspiracy theories, had bought firearms and believed God had given him the power to detect demons.

(This Canadian Press article has been edited by Bell Media staff to remove any reference to the shooter's name)