Thunberg says sexually explicit decal shows desperation, says activists are winning

Greta Thunberg, Sept. 2019

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg says a decal bearing an energy services company's logo below a cartoon depicting what appears to be a sexual assault shows desperation.

An Alberta woman complained to the RCMP earlier this week about the black-and-white drawing of a female figure's bare back with hands pulling on her braided pigtails.

Under the drawing is the name "Greta'' and the logo of X-Site Energy Services.

Thunberg, who is 17, has tweeted a story written about the cartoon and said "they are starting to get more and more desperate...''

She adds that it shows climate activists are winning.

RCMP in central Alberta say the decal is not child pornography nor does it depict "a non-consensual act that would be a direct threat to the person.''