Trudeau preparing for criticism from Premiers


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is bracing for a barrage of criticism from premiers as they sit down at a First Ministers meeting tomorrow in Montreal.

It's expected to be one of the most fractious gatherings of Canada's federal, provincial and territorial leaders in decades.

Many of the premiers are upset about the federal approach to pipelines, carbon taxation, environmental assessments, the General Motors plant closure in Oshawa, Ontario, and the oil price crisis.

Trudeau says he's prepared to talk with his provincial counterparts about any subject, including oil, which he calls an important economic resource.

But federal officials privately concede little headway is likely to be made on the meeting's main objectives -- that of reducing interprovincial trade barriers.

The most openly hostile premier -- Ontario's Doug Ford -- is said to have teamed up with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe to demand the meeting agenda be officially expanded to include the oil crisis and the planned federal tax on carbon pollution.