Trudeau says up to provinces to lead on future child-care programs


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is putting the onus on provinces to work out any future national child care program.

During a pre-election roundtable with the Toronto Star newspaper, the Liberal leader said any future federal involvement from his government, if it's re-elected next month, would be as a partner.

He defended his government's 10-year, $7.5-billion funding commitment to child care across the country, saying that it fulfilled the campaign pledge the Liberals made four years ago.

The 2015 Liberal platform promised a national child-care framework for provinces, territories and First Nations that would set high-level goals around affordability, quality and accessibility for families that wanted to use the service.

It was a departure from what the Liberals had promised a decade earlier, when in the waning days of Paul Martin's government the Grits pledged $5 billion to create a national child care program.

The 2015 platform called such a one-size-fits-all system "impractical and unfair."