Trudeau tested negative for COVID in August after feeling throat 'tickle'


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that he tested negative for COVID-19 recently after he developed a ``tickle'' in his throat.
It is the first time Trudeau has revealed he was ever tested for the illness. He said he was not tested last March when his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, tested positive because public health advice at the time was that only people with symptoms should seek testing.
Trudeau never showed symptoms at that time but isolated at his Rideau Cottage home for a month, during a time most Canadians were also in strict lockdowns.
He initially told reporters Monday the test he did have occurred ``earlier in September'' but his office later clarified it happened Aug. 27.
Trudeau said he had a ``throat tickle.''
``I checked with my doctor and he recommended I get tested,'' he said. ``I got tested. It was negative and I went back to work a few days later when the doctor told me I was cleared to do it.''