Uproar from students after Quebec restricts access to fast-track immigration

Quebec solidaire and foreign students held a news conference calling on the government to change course.

The Quebec government is being called cruel and insensitive for changes it made to a popular fast-track immigration program for new graduates.

Hundreds of foreign students in the province recently learned they might be forced to leave because of retroactive changes made to the Quebec experience program, which used to be open to all college and university graduates.

Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette recently announced the program will be open only to a select list of graduates who are seeking work in industries the government says are facing labour shortages.

Opposition politicians and foreign students held a news conference today calling on the government to change course and keep the program intact.

The students say the government's actions are inhumane and a betrayal to those who travelled to Quebec, paid school fees and started lives in the province with the expectation they would have access to the program.

Jolin-Barrette says the Quebec experience program must be open to people who can fill the needs of the province's economy.