Much of the country is waking up to "more of the same" Tuesday morning after Canadians re-elected another Liberal minority government in the 2021 federal election.

After five weeks of campaigning during a pandemic, and with mail-in ballots still left to count, the Liberals managed to hold on to power despite coming up short in a bid to win a majority.

"You are sending us back to work with a clear mandate to get us through this pandemic and to brighter days ahead,” Trudeau said following his election win Tuesday morning.

As of 8 a.m., the Liberals were elected in 158 ridings while the Conservatives have clinched 119, Bloc Quebecois 34, NDP 25, Green 2 and the People's Party of Canada 0.

From "More of the Same," and "Deja Phew!" to "Grit Happens" and "Minority retort," here's a look at how newspapers across the country covered the results the morning after the federal election.