Cataraqui Conservation launches new lake reporting dashboard


Cataraqui Conservation has announced it has launched a new lake reporting dashboard. 

The new dashboard will access lake-specific information and resources, what vulnerabilities are impacting the lakes, and what actions can be taken to combat cumulative impacts that compromise lake heatlh. 

"One important goal of the new Lake Reporting Dashboard is to educate and increase awareness of human-caused impacts to the lakes in our region. By outlining vulnerabilities specific to a given lake, those with an interest in that lake's health - or in the health of all lakes - have some direction as to how they can take meaningful actions that will lead to positive change in restoring and enhancing the lake's health and resilience," said the lead Cataraqui Conservation staff member on the project, Watershed Planning Co-ordinator Holly Evans, in a press release. 

Cataraqui Conservation outlined 19 areas of investigation as part of the new dashboard. 

These include the following: 

  • Soil and geology
  • Lake depth, thermal class and fish that inhabit the lake
  • Flow, including position within the lake's particular watershed, flushing rate and any water control structures in place
  • Trophic status
  • The number of wetlands and forests in the lake's watershed
  • The level of human-made development surrounding the lake
  • What species at risk have been observed in and near each lake
  • How exposed the lake is to invasive species introduction
  • Have there been confirmed harmful algae blooms?
  • General lake health trends over the short and longer term

More information as well as the dashboard itself can be found at Cataraqui Conservation's website