City of Pembroke to adopt 2022 budget on February 1st

(City of Pembroke)

The City of Pembroke has announced it will be adopting its 2022 budget at its February 1st council meeting. 

In a press release, the city says that the 2022 budget will reflect a levy increase after growth of 2.23% and a municipal tax rate increase of 1.92%. 

An example given by the city says that the average residential ratepayer with a property assement of $178,900 can expect to pay $57 more in property taxes this year. 

The budget also includes $28.1 million in capital projects for road work, sidewalk repairs and parks. Upgrades to the City's water and sewer system is also included. 

The City of Pembroke listed it's key infrastructure projects that they expect to occur this year: 

  • Phase three of road reconstruction on Pembroke Street West ($1.5 million) with funding from the joint federal-provincial Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).
  • Phase two of road reconstruction on Nelson Street from the lift station to William Street ($2 million).
  • Reconstruction of Bennett Street from International Drive to Everett Street ($1.9 million).
  • Road resurfacing on: Cecelia Street (Bell Street to Irving Street), Fraser Street (Herbert Street to Pembroke Street East), Herbert Street East (O’Brien Avenue to Angus Campbell Drive), and Hillside Avenue ($372,000).
  • Trailheads for the Algonquin Trail ($40,000).
  • Roofing at the PMC ($280,000).

Water and sewer rates is also set to increase. Here is how the rates will increase: 

  • Water flat rate +5.7% 
  • Water metered rate +9.8% 
  • Sewer flat rate +5.2% 
  • Sewer metered rate +6.9%.

The city says the average residential taxpayer can expect to pay $69 more per year for water and sewer in 2022. There is no increase to waste disposal rates. 

Overall impact of the changes will see an increase of $126 or $10.49 per month.