WATCH: Rex Sox Celebrate With Calum Scott Cover Of 'Dancing On My Own'


The Boston Red Sox celebrated advancing to the American League Championship Series on Monday night by dancing and singing along to a popular gay anthem while soaking each other with bubbly and beer.

The team blasted the Tiësto remix of Calum Scott’s 2018 cover of “Dancing On My Own,” originally released in 2010 by Swedish pop star Robyn, in their locker room after beating the Tampa Bay Rays 6-5. (Robyn tweeted a one-word reaction: “Bonkers.”)

Scott, who is openly gay, famously didn’t change the pronouns in the song – and neither did the Red Sox.

“I'm in the corner watching you kiss her, oh oh oh / I'm right over here, why can't you see me, oh oh oh,” the players sang. “And I'm giving it my all / I'm not the guy you're taking home, oh oh oh / I keep dancing on my own.”

On social media, the victory party earned rave reviews.

“Wasn’t into baseball until I saw the entire Red Sox team spraying each other with champagne and singing along to Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ and now I’m a huge fan?” tweeted journalist Sarah Mimms.

Blogger and podcaster Chris Henrique opined: “If this song isn’t played between an inning for the remainder of the postseason at Fenway Park, it would be a travesty.”

The Tiësto remix of Scott’s “Dancing On My Own” happens to be the walkup song for backup Red Sox catcher Kevin Plawecki.

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