Provinces take issue with proposed federal mental health transfer


Some provinces are pushing back against an election promise by the Liberals to offer dedicated funding for mental health.
Federal contributions to provincial health systems, including mental health services, are funded by the Canada Health Transfer.
In the federal election the Liberals pitched a new $4.5 million transfer specifically targeted at mental health care that would be hitched to national standards to ensure a certain level of accessible care across the country.
Though provinces have aggressively advocated for more health-care funds from the federal government, some provinces have vehemently opposed a separate transfer for mental health.
British Columbia's Health Minister Adrian Dix says more money for mental health is a priority for his government, but a dedicated transfer would be inefficient since it's nearly impossible to separate mental-health treatment and services from other health care.
Mental Health Minister Carolyn Bennett says one benefit of the transfer would be that the government would be able to evaluate whether the funds yield results.