Peter Harrison

Peter Harrison NEW

I'm one lucky guy. Imagine growing up in Nova Scotia, loving radio, loving C100, and  loving entertaining. That was me as a kid, and it's why, after more than 3 decades, ​co-hosting the C100 morning show is still a dream come true for me. I've been married to the same amazing woman for more than 30 years and we've raised three great kids; one of them is in radio in Toronto, another is a nurse in Ottawa, and the third is a science student at Dal. Learning is something our family strongly believes in. I graduated from Acadia where I studied theatre and I went back to school  a couple of years ago to take my Masters of Public Relations at MSVU, graduating in 2018.  We get to live in one of Canada's most beautiful and fastest growing cities. I love where I live, that you're a part of our lives, and that we're a part of your life. I work with two super-talented, great friends who I love to hang out with.  Yup, one lucky guy. See you around the city. Please stop and say "Hi!" There's a good chance we've already met. It's that kind of town.