Avatar: The Way of Water | Official Teaser Trailer

20th Century Studios / Avatar / Youtube

It's been a LONG 11 years, but the first trailer for, "Avatar: The Way Of Water" has dropped and it looks astounding... Just take my money now, because this looks like another game changer of a film.

I still remember describing the original to family and friends, "If you remember seeing Colour TV for the first time, this should be a close second". Because the original film was something that changed the entire film industry. 

0:06 seconds in, we see a familiar spot, with the floating mountains

0:12 seconds in, we see what I believe is one of Jake and Neytiris children..

0:36 seconds in, we get our first glimpse of a new technology developed for this film, where they can film under water.

You can definitely tell that they are building this film as expositon, for future sequels, and judging by the look of it all, it is bound to make a mountain of money.