Women Crushing it Wednesday - Author: Morwenna Trevenen

Chasing Baby / Morwenna Trevenen

This is a rare occasion on the show, where we feature someone from outside the Okanagan, but I felt it was important to share this story, as it  is something that is rarely talked about, Infertility. 

From her synopsis...

Grow up, get a job, find a partner, have a family, live the dream. This was always the plan...with some deviations along the way. Using sarcasm and vulnerability, Morwenna speaks about growing up, finding love, and then struggling when the rest of "the plan" isn't meant to be. This is the raw & real story of one couple's rollercoaster ride as they discover infertility, try various treatments, suffer an adoption reversal, and learn to make new plans and find the funny moments. A raw, sarcastic, and sometimes funny account of the struggles of growing up, dealing with infertility, fertility treatments, and the adoption process.

roughly 1 in 5 are unable to get pregnant after one year of trying. Morwenna had to go a fairly difficult route, to achieve pregnancy, and this book shares her adversity in a fairly humouros way.. The book is expected in mid May.