Kingston Police warn of new scam targeting international students

Kingston Police

The Kingston Police say they have recently received reports of international students being targeted by suspects claiming to be law enforcement from their home countries. They say in some cases of this scam, the scammers pose as representatives from the People's Republic of China.

Police continue to explain the scam saying the suspects often claim that the victim's information has been used to commit fraud and they require proof that they are not part of the criminal enterprise. This may require the victim to share banking information or even make a payment. Additonally. the suspects often claim to be working with the RCMP.

Kingston Police tell people, especially international students to look for the following red flags:

- You are contacted out of the blue.
- You are asked to keep the contact secret, especially when visiting your financial institution.
- You are asked to provide personal information.
- You are told to act immediately, or you will be arrested.

Police say once money has been wired overseas, there is almost no possibility that anyone will be able to recover the funds. If a person that is approached and is in any way suspicious, contact the Kingston Police at 613-549-4660.

With files by CFRA's Connor Ray