16 vehicles pulled off road in Gananoque

Gananoque Police

Officers with the Kingston District Ministry of Transportation and the Gananoque Police service pulled 16 vehicles off the road Wednesday.

On the morning of May 11, MTO and GPS conducted a vehicle inspection check-point in the parking lot of the Lou Jeffries Gananoque and T.L.T.I. Recreation Centre.

Officers were focussing on commercial cars, cars that appeared to be modified, and vehicles that appeared unfit for the road.

In total, 52 vehicles were inspected, of those:

  • 16 were pulled out of service
  • 6 sets of license plates were seized
  • 12 provincial offence tickets handed out

Police say the cars pulled out of service included those with no or defective brakes, no log book, unsafe loads, no secondary means of attachment, unsafe frame or body, no certificate, improper lights, and bald tires.

Three drivers were also pulled off the road due to expired or suspended licenses.