$17.3 million contract awarded for construction of Alaine Chartrand Arena


Prescott Town Council awarded a $17.3 million contract for the construction of the new arena and recreation centre. 

The arena, named after former competitive skater and hometown native Alaine Chartrand, will be built by Robert J. Bourgon & Associates.

The cost comes in higher than original estimates made in 2019, but Prescott Mayor Brett Todd says the town was expecting the price to be higher. 

"You've got to rememeber... the original estimates (were) all done at the end of 2019. Well in advance of the pandemic," Mayor Todd told The Bruce Wylie Show. "We had looked at things in an ongoing basis. We knew commodity prices like steel had gone high. So when it came in at $17.3 million, we weren't surprised at all." 

Included in the contract is the construction of the building and everything inside. 

The total cost of the project, including $1 million in preparation costs, $500,000 for surrounding sports fields and a dog park, as well as HST, will be $19.3 million. 

"Our estimated cost for that locally, just with municipal tax dollars, is about $3.9 million," Mayor Todd said. "We've already got the money set aside in the budget to pay for that debt. So we're going to build the facility and there is going to be no added impact to the local taxpayer." 

A ceremonial ground breaking will take place Friday, July 30th at 2 p.m. EST. 

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