Bobby Brown Reflects On Doing Drugs With Whitney Houston


Bobby Brown opens up about his tumultuous relationship with Whitney Houston in a new documentary series that begins airing next week.

The New Edition star recalled “drinking and smoking, sniffing” in the bathroom on their wedding day. “I walked in and, um, saw her doing a line of coke,” said Brown. “It was a shocker to me seeing her sniff for the first time.

“That was when I realized that we had more in common than I thought. I was new to it, and I guess she had been doing it for a while.”

Brown also addressed his late wife’s relationship with Robyn Crawford, claiming he didn’t know they were “more than just friends until later on in our marriage.”

But, Brown – clean and sober at 53 – believes Houston would be alive today if they had not called it quits in 2007. “We could have helped each other out,” he says.

In Biography: Bobby Brown, the singer also reflects on his trysts with Madonna and Janet Jackson and his battles with alcohol and drug addiction (cocaine, heroin, crack and weed). Brown discusses the tragic deaths of Houston, their daughter Bobbi Kristina and his son Bobby Jr.

In the four-part doc, Brown talks about his early wealth. “Money was ginormous. I was bringing in so much money at such a young age,” he recalled. “My dad didn't have to work anymore. My mom didn't have to work anymore.”

Brown said he had so much money he would buy cars that he spotted on the road from their owners, drive them around for a day and then abandon them at the airport. “Pay for a car and just leave it,” he boasted. “Wish I had those cars now.”

The singer said he once spent $1 million U.S. in a single day purchasing a house, a car and three watches.

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