Brockville City Hall Clocktower undergoing "significant revitalization"

An undated file photo of the City of Brockville.

The City of Brockville says the Clocktower at City Hall will be undergoing "significant revitalization". 

In order to help get the work underway, the city says Brockville City Hall will be closed on Monday, June 28 from 8 a.m. to noon for in-person services because of safety precautions. 

Scaffolding will be installed on the north side of City Hall and will remain in place for the remainder the project which they expect to end no later than September 30th. 

For the duration of the project, City Hall will remain open for in-person visits and ity services will continue as normal. 

"City Hall's clocktower is critical to maintain and is a valuable and iconic piece of infrastructure in our community," Mayor Jason Baker said in a release. "We are proud to be starting this revitalization effort and of ensuring that the project can be completed with very minimal impact on municipal services of public access."

The scope of the project will include the following: 

  • Carpentry work and material to replace and refurbish all degraded wooden elements, painted and/or reinstated to equivalence permitted by Heritage Canada
  • Replacement of the access ladder with a new ladder that is engineered to safety standards
  • Electrical work to displace existing IT communication equipment.
  • Sandblasting and refurbishing of the original iron clock face components
  • Hoist rental for the duration of the project
  • New bell striker mechanism
  • New backlighting

All services will continue to be available by phone or email during the installation of scaffolding.  

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