Change of Command Ceremony at Garrison Petawawa


On June 30th, 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group held a Change of Command and Change of Appointment parade at Garrison Petawawa.

Officers and soldiers of 2 CMBG stood on parade to bid farewell to their outgoing command team, and to welcome their new one. Colonel J.E. Landry and Chief Warrant Officer J. G. Learnon will be replaced by Colonel J. A. MacKeen and Chief Warrant Officer D. J. Crawford.

“It is a great joy to see all of you here today on parade to welcome Colonel MacKeen and Chief Warrant Officer Crawford. The past two years have not been easy for any one of us here, but every time a new challenge arose, I was confident that I could count on each and every one of you do go above and beyond. During my time as your commander, I have witnessed first-hand why this brigade has a reputation for excellence and professionalism. To Chief Warrant Officer Leamon, it was a pleasure to have you be my side these last few years and, to everyone, I wish you great success as the brigade continues to move forward.” - Colonel Landry, outgoing Commander 2 CMBG

The ceremonies were presided over by Brigadier-General P.K. Scott -- Commander 4th Canadian Division and Joint Task Force.

The outgoing commander and sergeant major took command of 2 CMBG in August and September of 2020, respectively, in smaller ceremonies.

This year's ceremonies featured a arade square filled with members from across 2 CMBG in a cautious return to pre-COVID-19 traditions. 

“This brigade has always been a busy place to work. In my time here there has never been a shortage of training, tasks or deployments. My advice to all of you on how to thrive here is this: take pride in the work that you do and keep putting in the effort to improve. The tasks you are given will not always be glamorous, but believe me when I tell you it is always worth doing the job right.” - Chief Warrant Officer Leamon, outgoing Brigade Sergeant Major