Cornwall holds 2022 Racing Against Drugs


This years Racing Against Drugs Campaign focused on drunk driving, all terrain vehicles, train safety and more. The event was held virtually again, with many voices from srrounding police services.

Racing Against Drugs was aimed at warning 2000 grade 6 students attending local area schools through a virtual, YouTube live stream. Officers discussed ATV safety and how often people are caught driving an ATV under the influence of alcohol. According to officers, there have been three instances in Cornwall in the previous years where a friend killed another friend by driving an ATV into a tree or pole while under the influence. Police warn this will lead to arrest and a breathlyzer test, which will likely result in a criminal record.

Officers explained how alcohol and drugs greatly impact your ability to stop or even manoeuver an ATV, highlighting the fact there is no seatbelt or airbag to lessen the impact. 

Along with ATV safety, comes safety on the railway tracks. VIA Rail constables shared tips on staying safe around trains and train tracks, adding that trains can take up to two kilometres to stop.

The annual presentation took place VIA YouTube for the second year in a row - in the past it had been an in-person event.