Cornwall Police Services report car theft numbers in 2022

Cornwall Police

Across eastern Canada, Police have been reporting a significant increase in thefts of high-end motor vehicles. This crime trend has affected many local communities and the Cornwall Police Service says they are committed to the prevention of crime and preservation of property by disrupting organized crime groups operating in the community. 

Cornwall Police report that since January 1st, 2022, there have been 87 high-end vehicles reported stolen.  Through proactive policing strategies, officers in Cornwall say they have been able to prevent the theft of several other vehicles by arresting 23 individuals, who are now facing a total of 109 criminal charges.  

Community engagement has also contributed greatly to preventing vehicle thefts. "Our front-line personnel have been very effective at responding and investigating these incidents.  We value the partnership we have with our community and strongly encourage anyone who witnesses any suspicious activity to report it immediately," shares Deputy Chief Vincent Foy.

The Police Service also encourages residents to take preventative measures to protect their vehicles from being stolen. Some preventative measures include;

- Park the vehicle in a locked garage.
- If you have more than one vehicle, park the second vehicle of lesser value tightly behind the other motor vehicle to block it in your driveway. 
- Consider purchasing a steering wheel locking device or an onboard diagnostic port 
- Consider leaving keys in a container that will block the keyless FOB's signal
- Never leave your keys inside of your vehicle or unattended. 
- Lock your vehicle at all times. 
- Consider purchasing video surveillance for your residence. 
- Inspect your vehicle regularly for any potential tracking devices.

Anyone who has information that may assist the police is also encouraged to contact their local police services.

With files by CFRA's Connor Ray