Hawkesbury OPP introduces "Positive Ticketing Program"

Rosie, Inspector Chris McGillis and M. Robert Lefebvre - President of the Police Service Board

The Hawkesbury Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police is introducing a positive ticketing program, intended to recognize youth for the good behaviours they display. 

On March 29, a media conference was held to introduce the program, where if an officer notices a youth (16 years or younger) doing random acts of kindness or positive behaviour, they can issue a Positive Ticket. 

The Positive Ticket will recognize the youth for outstanding acts or behaviours. The officers will give a $5.00 gift card to a local restaurant, directly to the recipient of the positive ticket. 

A person may receive a ticket for any number of behaviours, including:

  • recognizing youth for practicing personal safety such as wearing bicycle helmets
  • doing various good deeds
  • participating in community activities
  • demonstrating community pride
  • deterring crime or observing school crossing rules
  • as an "ice breaker" to establish rapport with kids in their patrol area