Impaired driver charge with assault of a peace officer

CKTB - NEWS - Impaired driving

A 22-year-old female was pulled over for a traffic stop that resulted in an impaired driving charge when she began to yell at officers. She kicked one of the officers in the chest resulting in a charge of assault on a peace officer.

On June 18, 2022, the Brockville Police Service conducted a traffic stop in the area of Crocker Crescent. Officers say they suspected impaired driving due to her erratic driving behaviour.

Upon investigation, a 22-year-old female was driving with a 24-year-old male passenger by her side. Officers believed the woman may have been intoxicated and administered a roadside breath sample test, which she failed.

As she was placed under arrest, both individuals became extremely uncooperative with the police. Both of them were yelling, shouting, and had to be physically restrained for transport. At this time, the male was arrested for obstruction of a peace officer, and the female with operation while impaired, over 80mg.

They were both transported to Brockville Police Service, and while taking the female out of the car, she kicked one of the officers in the chest.

Both individuals continued to cause issues and were not cooperative with the police.

The female eventually did cooperate with providing a breath sample, which found that she had over double the legal limit of alcohol in her blood. Once both were sober and calm, police released the two with future court dates.

The female was charged with assault of a peace officer, operation while impaired, and operation over 80mg. The male received a similar charge of obstructing a peace officer.