KFL&A Medical Officer of Health releases final "Ask the MOH" video

Dr Kieran Moore

The Medical Officer of Health for KFL&A released his final "Ask the MOH" video. 

When asked where we are in "the great hockey game against COVID-19", Dr. Kieran Moore says we are currently in the third period. 

"This has been a tough battle in the third period as all games are." said Dr. Moore in the video. "We've got this one well under control. So we're building from the response phase to the recovery phase and I do see hope for the fall." 

In the video, Dr. Moore continued to express hope for a more normal fall. 

"It's been a long and difficult year and I do see hope going forward that we're getting over the worst of this." said Dr. Moore. "We'll continue to monitor the situation globally, nationally, and locally. But with the immunization strategy that we have in place, there is significant hope for the fall to return to normal." 

Dr. Moore is set to replace Dr. David Williams and become the Ontario's top doctor on June 26th. 


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