Kingston Police looking for two suspects in taxi scam


Kingston Police are asking the public's help identifying two suspects related to a taxi scam. 

Police say the incidents happened this past Saturday and Sunday, where one man acts as a taxi driver, and the other pretends to be a customer.

While the vehicle is parked along the road, it's alleged the "customer" asks victims to help pay for the fare. 

Police say during the transaction, the suspect uses a skimming device to obtain each person's pin, and replace the debit card used in the transaction with a fake one to give back to the victim. 

Police say the victims are at a loss between $2000 and $4000. 

The suspects are described as following: 

  • Driver: East Indian, 20-30 years of age, short black hair with bangs, and a thin black goatee with straggly hair around the cheeks.
  • Customer: East Indian, very thin, approximately 18 years old, clean shaven, black wavy shoulder length hair, carrying a black backpack, wearing a dark hoodie and jeans.

The suspect's vehicle was described as the following: 

  • Black 4 door Chevy Sedan, Toronto Fleet sign (Blue/White) on top of vehicle.

Anyone that sees the activity happening is asked to contact police immediately. Anyone with information in relation to the investigation is asked to contact Detective Constable Brian Hanwell at or 613-549-4660 x6337.

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