Kittens and cats overwhelming KHS

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The Kingston Humane Society is overwhelmed with an influx of cats and kittens that is swelling the number of animals looking for homes well above the building capacity. 

KHS has taken in 80 cats and kittens in addition to the cats already in care, amounting to 177. The building capacity is 98.

In the last 12 months, the KHS has had issues dealing with capacity, and now with the seasonal increase in kittens, they are suffering more than ever.

“Even with the incredible commitment of our foster volunteers, we’re nearing the point where we’ll need to consider using dog travel crates to temporarily house the cats and kittens that continue to come in as strays and surrenders,” says Gord Hunter, Executive Director. “Of course, that’s not ideal nor is it a long-term solution but we’re quickly running out of space.”

Hunter says even with the retrofits they have made to the shelter, it was never intended to house as many animals as they currently have.

KHS is also experiencing a severe shortage of staff, impacting them even more.

In order to help encourage locals that might already be considering adopting a new furry friend, adult cat adoptions have been reduced for the remainder of June and all of July. For adult ats that have been at KHS for less than six months, the cost is reduced to $50, and for adult cats that have been there any longer, the cost is $25. 

All animals are spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to adoption.

Despite the setbacks, Kingston Humane Society is still on track to open the city's first permanent, low-cost spay and neuter clinic before the end of summer. Hunter says they expect to be able to accept their first clients in August, starting small with 10 cats per day. 

In January, City Council approved funding of $62,000 to supply Kingston Humane Society with additional surgical equipment needed to provide the much-needed program. Despite a few delays, most of the equipment has arrived and been installed. The remaining plans are well underway.