Local author wins international award for book "Kinmount"


BROCKVILLE, ONT -- A local author has won an international award for his book. 

Rod Carley, a graduate of the Brockville Collegiate Institute, won the silver medal for Best Regional Fiction for Canada East in the 2021 Independent Publisher Book Awards, for his book "Kinmount" 

The IPPY awards recognize the best books published by small and independent publishers internationally. 

Speaking on the Bruce Wylie Show, Carley says he was honoured to win. 

"Having the book received as well as it has been has been very moving for me. It's also been very validating as I transition more into writing as a career," said Carley. "It's just a lovely shot in the arm. It's like getting the second shot of the vaccine," 

Carley also outlined what's next for him after winning the award. 

"I have finished an interconnected collection of short stories. Some observational humour. I'm in the process right now of trying to get that published," Carley detailed. "I've (also) started my third novel. I'm about a third of the way in. I'll be plugging away at that this summer,"

"Kinmount" is available at local book stores as well as Amazon. 

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