Maltby offers three Summer Autism programs


Registrations are now open for three unique autism programs this Summer – Flying Solo, Sports and Games and a Creativity Group. 

Summer 2022 Flying Solo Group

Teens will learn some basic skills on how to fly solo and plan their own hang outs and get togethers. Activities will include time in the classroom learning about skillls and practicing them during role play, as well as putting the skills to use. Participants will travel to nearby fast food restaurants, parks and stores, using public transit to cover the following topics:

  • using public transit safely
  • etiquette in the community
  • conversational skills with peers
  • planning hang outs, and get togethers

The group will travel through the city. Each teen will have access to $50 over the course of the group in order to make small purchases and pay for bus fare. This is already included in the cost of the group. A behaviour plan will be created for each participant outlining their learning goals for the course of their time, and a progress review to summarize outcomes.

This group is currently being offered to children 15-18 years of age, with an ASD diagnosis. Participants must be able to communicate in full sentences and not engage in elopement or aggressive behaviour. Participants must be interested and willing to participate and learn the outlined skills. All participants must wear a mask during the group.

Summer 2022 Sports and Games Group

Children will learn and practice the skills needed to play and enjoy sports and games while learning how to make new friends. Activities include various ball sports, competitive and cooperative board games, and possibly video games.

Groups will discuss:

  • joining games
  • following group instructions and rules
  • sportsmanship and managing competition
  • finishing games
  • social conversations

Content will be adjusted based on the age range of the participants. The group is currently offered to children ages 6-14, with an ASD diagnosis.

Summer 2022 Creativity Group

This group will explore making crafts, moving to music, showing off acting skills, all while learning and practicing social skills and making new friends.

Children will learn important social skills while getting creative engaging in several activities, including crafting, playing games, acting out different feelings, emotions and social interactions. Participants will cover the following topics:

  • following group instructions
  • entering and exiting conversations
  • conversation skills and information sharing with peers
  • resisting teasing

This group is currently being offered to children 6-14 years of age, with an ASD diagnosis.

Registration: Please email Intake applications will be distributed to all interested parties to help determine eligibility and appropriateness for this group. If this group is not the best fit for you and your child, you will be contacted further with a rationale, and other possible options.