Market Street building proposal shut down

Demolition of the Market Street West building in Brockville, Ont. is now on pause. (Nate Vandermeer/CTV News Ottawa)

A proposal for the Market Street Building slated for demolition has been shot down by Brockville council's finance and the administration committee Tuesday evening. Officials say the building will only be saved if members of the public are willing to pay for necessary studies.

The motion included $17,500 for studies to determine the cost of rehabilitating the building. This would produce an assessment report of the actual cost to rehabilitate the structure, with the money coming from the city's fiscal policy reserve. 

Brockville's finance committee members sad they are fine with studies being conducted - but say it shouldn't be funded by taxpayer dollars.

This means the full city council won't be considering the matter unless someone else comes up with a different source of funding.

The building is slated for demolition to make way for additional parking, but the structure, which once housed Brockville's tourism office, received public outcry.

While the structure is likely beyond repair, advocates are taking another look at saving the Market Street West building. Brockville's mayor Mike Kalivas told the finance committee the outpouring of support for keeping the building led him to believe there would be a public fundraising effort.