One new COVID-19 case in Leeds, Grenville, and Lanark


One new case of COVID-19 is being reported in the Leeds, Grenville, and Lanark. 

The lone case was added from the previous days. 

Known active cases in the region saw a slight decrease, it's now at 18. 

The majority of the known active cases are in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. 

A total of 14 are in the area. 

Three are marked in Lanark. One is marked as Out of Region/Unknown. 

Two people are in the hospital with the virus. Both of them are in the intensive care unit. One of them is on a ventilator. 

On the latest vaccine report, the Leeds, Grenville, and Lanark District Health Unit said that 96.6 per cent of the eligible population (Those aged 12 and over) have one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 91.3 per cent have two doses. 

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