One visitor per day now allowed at Pembroke Regional Hospital

Pembroke Regional Hospital

The Pembroke Regional Hospital has announced that patients will now be allowed one visitor per day between 11:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. starting today. 

This is in addition to a patient's essential caregiver. 

"We fully appreciate the benefits of social interaction for our admitted patients and know how difficult it has been for them to not have in-person access to loved ones, family members and friends who might like to spend time with them and lift their spirits," said Senior Vice-President of Clinical and Support Services / Partnerships and Integration Sabine Mersmann in a press release. 

All visitors coming to the hospital will be required to sign in at the patient's nursing station before a visit can take place. 

Visitors must also pass the hospital's entrance screening criteria. 

The latest policy change does not affect outpatient appointments to areas like the emergency department and ambulatory clinics. 

Special considerations continue to be in place for patients nearing end of life. 

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