Pembroke CAO Terry Lapierre announces retirement


The City of Pembroke's Chief Administrative Officer has announced his retirement. 

Terry Lapierre will be retiring at the end of 2022 after over 32 years of public service. 

"My entire career has been spent where I was born and raised, working every day to make my hometown a better place for my family and the ratepayers," Lapierre says in a press release. "I have been proud to serve."

According to the release, Lapierre is credited with overseeing many projects including negotiating a 49-year lease for Festival Hall, re-establishing a farmers' market in Pembroke and support to establishing the current market, the expansion of the Lake Temiskaming Ottawa River Waterway, overseeing five municipal elections, negotiating for the required land and development of the initial waterfront walkway, and managing the process to transition to the OPP.

"On behalf of Council, I want to thank Terry for his leadership and his commitment to Pembroke," says Mayor Mike LeMay in the release. 

:As mayor for the last eight years, I have very much appreciated his advice and recommendations on the many challenges that arise in the governance of a municipality. And as the administrative leader of the City, Terry has done exceptional work in guiding our Council. We have been able to make significant progress on many of our priorities."

Lapierre says wouldn't change anything in his career is looking forward to the next phase of his life. 

"I am looking forward to taking a break, working on my golf game, traveling, and seeking out new ways to continue to contribute in a meaningful way to my community," he said in the release.

Lapierre will retire in his 20th year as Pembroke's CAO making him the longest serving CAO in the city's history. 

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