Renfrew County hospitals implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for visitors

(Pembroke Regional Hospital)

Hospitals across Renfrew County have announced they will be implementing a mandatory vaccination policy for visitors, essential caregivers, and care partners effective October 15th. 

The hospitals include the Renfrew Victoria Hospital, St. Francis Memorial Hospital, Deep River and District, Pembroke Regional Hospital, and Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital. 

In a joint press release, the hospitals say when the policy comes into effect, those who are not fully vaccinated will not be permitted to enter the hospitals unless they qualify under a limited number of exceptions. 

What those those exceptions are depends on your specific hospital with the public being asked to visit the hospital's website for more details. 

"We recognize the difficulty this may pose for some individuals, however, given the transmission risk of the Delta variant in particular, it's a step hospitals are taking in order to help ensure the safety of those in our care and in our buildings," Pembroke Regional Hospital President and CEO Pierre Noel said in the release. 

All the hospitals are reassuring residents that residents, no matter their vaccination status, no one will be denied care or service.   

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