Reid and Ben In The Morning


  • Regi and Holy Cross Polar Plunge Challenge for Dawn McMillan

    After reaching our goal of getting Special Olympian Dawn McMillan to $10 000 for the Polar Plunge and subsequently holding our end of the bargain by getting hosed by Kingston Fire and Rescue, a new fundraising goal and challenge has been issued by a couple of our local high schools. Kingston Police Constable Bryan McMillan (Dawn's brother) explained.
  • The Estate of Larry Gibson to the Rescue

    Thanks to a very generous donation from the Estate of Larry Gibson, we will be getting hosed by Kingston Fire and Rescue. That's what we promised to do if Special Olympian Dawn McMillan could reach a fundraising goal of $10 000 for this year's Polar Plunge. With less than a week to go, the Estate of Larry Gibson made a $5000 donation and we spoke with trustee Jay Rayner to learn more about why and who Larry Gibson was.
  • Mayor Bryan Paterson with a Feb. 19th UPDATE

    In our weekly chat with Mayor Bryan Paterson, we got more details on the new and improved Love Kingston Marketplace and how and where the mass vaccination will roll out in Kingston.
  • Reid and Ben find out what to expect when being sprayed by a fire hose.

    Reid and Ben said they will get sprayed down by Kingston Fire & Rescue if Dawn McMillan raises $10,000 for the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. Rick Vasco phoned to tell the guys what to expect.  

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