Beautiful weather for Friday the 13th in Port Dover today


It is Friday the 13th, a day when hundreds or even thousands of people jump on their motorcycles, and head to Port Dover in Norfolk County.

The weather will be perfect for the event today, with sunshine and a high of around 25.

The group has been heading to Port Dover on Friday the 13th since 1981.

A number of events are planned for today, including live bands and raffles.

Ontario Provincial Police asking drivers to be mindful of motorcycles heading to Port Dover today.

"As motorcycle enthusiasts descend on Port Dover, there will be an increase in motorcycle traffic and the OPP is asking all drivers to take those two extra seconds before making a lane change or proceeding through an intersection," Insp. Shawn Johnson, Norfolk County OPP's interim detachment commander.

OPP also say the airspace above Port Dover will be closed and no one should be flying a drone or an aircraft in the area unless they're authorized by Transport Canada.

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